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Hymn-type MIDI/MP3/Lyrics (Titles F-I)

[Last Update: 03 August 2018]
These are "hymn-type" MIDI sequences (and associated MP3 recordings and lyrics) that I have done. These titles begin with the letters F through I. The approximate playing time and file size links are shown for each song, along with a TXT link for the lyrics. If your browser can handle the file type (.mid/.mp3/.txt), MIDI files and MP3 files are now selected with a click on the displayed file size, and the lyrics with a click on the word TXT (a simple text file). To save a file to your local machine, right-click on a link.
NOTE: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use. You have my permission to use them in any non-commercial fashion as long as I am credited with the sequence, and in the case of original compositions, credited for that.

If you want to use any of these files, please download them rather than linking to them here, as these pages may be reorganized at any time.
Hymn-type MIDI/MP3/Lyrics (F-I):
Fair Sharon's Rose 3:05 19k 2.9M TXT Fairest Lord Jesus 3:34 23k 3.4M TXT
Faith, Hope, and Love 5:50 29k 5.6M TXT Faith of Our Fathers (Tune: St. Catherine) 2:40 21k 2.5M TXT
Faith of Our Fathers (Tune: Sawston) 2:31 17k 2.4M TXT Faith Unlocks the Door 2:52 11k 2.8M TXT
Farewell (Finlandia) 4:04 24k 3.9M TXT Father Eternal, Ruler of Creation 2:48 15k 4.0M TXT
Father of Peace (M. Lynch) 1:48 11k 1.7M TXT Father's Vacant Chair *4 4:11 20k 4.0M TXT
Father, Whate'er of Earthly Bliss 2:03 8k 2.0M TXT Firefighter's Hymn 2:31 14k 2.4M TXT
The First One Ever 2:51 14k 2.7M TXT Flee As a Bird 1:27 11k 1.4M TXT
Fly Like a Bird 4:28 28k 4.3M TXT Footsteps of Jesus 4:01 29k 3.9M TXT
For All the Saints 2:01 17k 2.0M TXT For God So Loved the World (M. Haugen) 3:53 27k 3.7M TXT
For You Are My God 4:15 22k 4.1M TXT For Your Faithfulness 2:07 14k 2.0M TXT
From an Upper Room 4:41 68k 4.5M TXT Galilee Song 4:17 31k 4.1M TXT
Gather in Your Name 6:56 41k 6.6M TXT Gather the People (5 verses) 4:39 50k 4.5M TXT
Gather the People (10 verses) 8:24 89k 8.1M TXT Gather Your People (B. Hurd) 3:51 37k 3.7M TXT
Gathered in the Love of Christ 3:41 29k 3.5M TXT Gentle Shepherd 4:19 10k 4.1M TXT
Gift of Love 1:49 10k 1.7M TXT Give Me Ears to Listen 3:28 24k 3.3M TXT
Give of Your Best to the Master 2:42 15k 2.6M TXT Give Thanks 3:08 32k 3.0M TXT
Give Thanks to the Lord (verses 1-4) 1:58 14k 1.9M TXT Give Up Your Life to Christ *2 1:55 11k 1.8M TXT
Glendalough Mass - Alleluia 1:06 13k 1.1M TXT Glendalough Mass - Doxology/Amen 0:55 8k 0.9M TXT
Glendalough Mass - Glory to God 2:40 33k 2.6M TXT Glendalough Mass - Holy, Holy, Holy 1:08 18k 1.1M TXT
Glendalough Mass - Kyrie 0:54 9k 0.9M TXT Glendalough Mass - Lamb of God 1:13 10k 1.2M TXT
Glendalough Mass - The Lord's Prayer 1:25 18k 1.4M TXT Glendalough Mass - Save Us, Savior of the World 0:37 7k 0.6M TXT
Glendalough Mass - We Proclaim Your Death 0:25 6k 0.4M TXT Glendalough Mass - When We Eat This Bread 0:25 6k 0.4M TXT
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Mark Hayes) 7:10 142k 6.9M TXT Glorious Everlasting 2:54 25k 2.8M TXT
Glory and Praise to Our God (D. Schutte) 3:16 23k 3.1M TXT Glory and Praise to Our God (D. Schutte) - SATB 3:14 26k 3.1M TXT
Glory in the Cross (D. Schutte) - Easter Sunday 2:56 19k 2.8M TXT Glory in the Cross (D. Schutte) - Good Friday 2:56 18k 2.8M TXT
Glory in the Cross (D. Schutte) - Holy Thursday 3:50 25k 3.7M TXT Glory to God - Hylton 1:53 8k 1.8M TXT
Go Down, Moses 3:44 16k 3.6M TXT Go Make a Difference 2:35 47k 2.5M TXT
Go Now in Peace (N. Sleeth) 0:42 7k 0.7M TXT Go Now Together in My Name 3:23 21k 3.3M TXT
Go to Dark Gethsemane 1:31 10k 1.4M TXT God's Spirit Is in My Heart (Go Tell Everyone) 4:14 30k 4.1M TXT
God Is Everywhere 1:28 8k 1.4M TXT God Is Here (Abbot's Leigh) 4:12 26k 4.0M TXT
God Is Love (D. Haas) 3:42 20k 3.6M TXT God Made You (R. Merrifield) 1:26 19k 1.4M TXT
God of Comfort, Close to Me *6 3:11 19k 3.0M TXT God of Day and God of Darkness 4:02 20k 3.9M TXT
God of Love (D. Schutte) 3:28 25k 3.3M TXT God of Love (D. Schutte) - w/Descant 3:28 26k 3.3M TXT
God of Our Fathers 2:05 16k 2.0M TXT God of the Hungry 2:35 18k 2.5M TXT
God of the Poor (K. Keil) 4:20 52k 4.1M TXT God That Madest Earth and Heaven 1:20 9k 1.3M TXT
God with Us (D. Schutte) 5:28 41k 5.2M TXT God with Us (D. Schutte) - SATB 5:28 43k 5.2M TXT
God's Holy Gifts - SAB 4:58 37k 4.8M TXT The Goodness of the Lord : Psalm 27 (S. Soper) 3:31 15k 3.4M TXT
Gospel Acclamation - Luke 1:28 1:04 6k 1.1M TXT Gospel Acclamation - Matthew 17:5 1:00 3k 1.0M TXT
Great Is Thy Faithfulness 2:41 27k 2.6M TXT Guide Us, Lord 4:36 38k 4.4M TXT
Guilty of Loving Me 3:43 29k 3.6M TXT Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above 2:26 18k 2.4M TXT
Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above - SATB (6 vs) 5:15 35k 5.1M TXT Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above - SATB 3:20 22k 3.2M TXT
Hail Mary: Gentle Woman 4:47 26k 4.6M TXT Hail Redeemer, King Divine (Brit. - C. Rigby) 3:15 26k 3.1M TXT
Hail Thee, Festival Day 3:35 29k 3.4M TXT Hallelujah Chorus from "Mount of Olives" 4:43 45k 4.6M TXT
Hallelujah Chorus from "Mount of Olives" - orch. 4:43 59k 4.6M TXT Hallelujah to the Lamb (D. Moen) 3:58 33k 3.8M TXT
The Hand of God Shall Hold You 4:07 20k 4.0M TXT Happy Are They Who Dwell in Your House 3:26 20k 3.3M TXT
Have Faith in God (Stephens) 2:52 30k 2.8M TXT Have No Fear, Little Flock 2:51 18k 2.8M TXT
Have You Been to Calvary 3:37 21k 3.5M TXT Have You Ever Heard 1:40 19k 1.6M TXT
He 2:04 17k 2.0M TXT He Healed the Darkness of My Mind 1:40 13k 1.6M TXT
He Is Alive! 4:47 47k 5.1M TXT He Is Risen from the Dead (S. DeFord) 4:17 26k 4.1M TXT
He Keeps Me Singing 2:14 15k 2.1M TXT He Keeps Me Singing - SATB 3:58 59k 3.8M TXT
He Knows My Name (T. Walker) 2:13 15k 2.1M TXT He Leadeth Me, O Blessed Thought 2:24 20k 2.3M TXT
He the Pearly Gates Will Open 3:41 23k 3.5M TXT He Touched Me 1:55 12k 1.8M TXT
He Was There All the Time 3:08 11k 3.0M TXT Hear Our Prayer, O Lord 1:08 4k 1.1M TXT
Help, Lord, for the Godly Ceaseth 3:22 22k 3.3M TXT Help Me to Appreciate - Round (R. Merrifield) 1:54 8k 1.8M TXT
Here at This Table 6:17 85k 6.1 TXT Here I Am (T. Booth) 4:21 16k 4.2M TXT
Here I Am, Lord 3:30 17k 3.4M TXT Here I Am, Lord - SATB 5:17 31k 5.1M TXT
Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face 3:34 16k 3.4M TXT Heritage Mass - Amen 0:16 2k 0.3M TXT
Heritage Mass - Glory to God 2:14 12k 2.2M TXT Heritage Mass - Holy 0:52 6k 0.9M TXT
Heritage Mass - Lamb of God 1:10 6k 1.1M TXT Heritage Mass - Lord, Have Mercy 0:38 5k 0.6M TXT
Heritage Mass - Save Us, Savior 0:26 3k 0.4M TXT Heritage Mass - We Proclaim Your Death 0:24 3k 0.4M TXT
Heritage Mass - When We Eat This Bread 0:32 3k 0.4M TXT Heritage Mass - When We Eat This Bread (old ver) 0:27 3k 0.5M TXT
He's Always Been Faithful 5:02 47k 4.8M TXT Hesus ng Aking Buhay (Filipino Hymn) 4:55 31k 4.7M TXT
His Eye Is on the Sparrow 4:28 55k 4.3M TXT His Grace Will Lead Us Through 4:23 88k 4.2M TXT
Holden Evening Prayer-Proc. and Evening Hymn 2:52 21k 2.8M TXT Holden Evening Prayer-Evening Thanksgiving 1:07 6k 1.1M TXT
Holden Evening Prayer-Psalm 141 2:22 17k 2.3M TXT Holden Evening Prayer-Psalm 25 2:35 16k 2.5M TXT
Holden Evening Prayer-Psalm 51 2:27 16k 2.4M TXT Holden Evening Prayer-Psalm 130 2:42 15k 2.6M TXT
Holden Evening Prayer-Annunc/Magnific/Intercess 4:53 36k 4.7M TXT Holden Evening Prayer-Final Blessing 0:43 4k 0.7M TXT
Holy and Living Bread (Panis Angelicus)-English 1:52 8k 1.8M TXT Holy and Living Bread (Panis Angelicus)-Latin 1:52 8k 1.8M TXT
The Holy City 5:05 50k 4.9M TXT Holy Darkness (D. Schutte) 7:00 35k 6.7M TXT
Holy God, Holy Friend (C. Landry) 4:02 31k 3.8M TXT Holy God, We Praise Thy Name 2:46 16k 2.7M TXT
Holy Ground 4:01 17k 3.8M TXT Holy Ground - SATB 4:22 37k 4.2M TXT
Holy, Holy, Holy 2:08 17k 2.0M TXT Holy Is His Name 3:43 16k 3.6M TXT
Holy Is Your Name 4:37 25k 4.4M TXT Holy Mother of Our Savior 3:53 25k 3.7M TXT
Holy Spirit (M. Misetich) 2:28 12k 2.4M TXT Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove (R. Merrifield) 3:33 20k 3.4M TXT
Hosanna Loud Hosanna 2:32 19k 2.4M TXT Hosanna to the Son of David (D. Schutte) 5:43 47k 5.5M TXT
Hosea (G. Norbet) 2:43 11k 2.6M TXT Hosea (G. Norbet) - SATB 2:43 12k 2.6M TXT
How Beautiful 3:53 44k 3.7M TXT How Blessed Is the Man 1:38 15k 1.6M TXT
How Can I Keep from Singing 1:37 9k 1.4M TXT How Great Is Our God 3:04 21k 3.0M TXT
How Great Thou Art 2:32 14k 2.4M TXT How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (M. Joncas) 2:44 22k 2.6M TXT
How Precious Is Your Love (R. Merrifield) 3:08 29k 3.0M TXT How Sweet the Sound of Jesus' Name *1 2:46 20k 2.7M TXT
Humbly Lord, We Worship You 3:49 13k 3.7M TXT Hymn of Creation (M. Lynch) 3:05 24k 2.9M TXT
Hymn of Promise 1:36 7k 1.5M TXT I Am Adam 3:05 25k 3.0M TXT
I Am an Ax (R. Merrifield) 1:37 11k 1.6M TXT I Am the Bread of Life (S. Toolan) 3:53 33k 3.7M TXT
I Am the Living Bread 4:41 20k 4.4M TXT I Asked the Lord 2:15 15k 2.2M TXT
I Believe 2:10 16k 2.1M TXT I Believe in Jesus 2:58 21k 2.9M TXT
I Come to Him (S. DeFord) 5:16 26k 5.0M TXT I Find No Fault in Him 1:51 13k 1.8M TXT
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus 1:59 14k 1.9M TXT I Have Loved You (M. Joncas) 3:05 14k 2.9M TXT
I Have Loved You (M. Joncas) - SATB 3:03 14k 2.9M TXT I Have Loved You (R. Merrifield) 2:16 15k 2.2M TXT
I Have Not Seen, Yet I Believe (S. DeFord) 4:35 29k 4.9M TXT I Have Prayed for Thee 2:56 24k 2.8M TXT
I Have Seen the Lord 6:44 29k 6.5M TXT I Know That My Redeemer Lives (S. Soper) 2:37 16k 2.5M TXT
I Lift Up My Soul (T. Manion) 3:10 10k 3.0M TXT I Love to Tell the Story 3:35 26k 3.5M TXT
I Love You, Lord (R. Merrifield) 2:49 14k 2.7M TXT I May Never Pass This Way Again 2:16 20k 2.2M TXT
I Must Have My Saviour with Me 2:36 21k 2.5M TXT I Need Thee Every Hour 2:01 16k 1.9M TXT
I Sing a Maid 2:50 18k 2.7M TXT I Sing the Mighty Power of God 1:35 11k 1.5M TXT
I Sought the Lord 1:39 14k 1.6M TXT I Thank My God 3:04 20k 3.0M TXT
I Thank You, Lord 3:54 55k 3.8M TXT I, the Lord (T. Kendzia) 5:27 23k 5.2M TXT
I, the Lord (T. Kendzia) - SATB 5:27 26k 5.2M TXT I, the Lord (T. Kendzia) - SATB version 2 5:22 29k 5.2M TXT
I Wait for the Lord 1:24 9k 1.4M TXT I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked 3:12 24k 3.1M TXT
I Want to Be Ready 1:28 22k 1.4M TXT I Want to Call You (D. Haas) 3:02 20k 2.9M TXT
I Was Glad 2:10 18k 2.1M TXT I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry 2:30 14k 2.4M TXT
I Will Be the Vine 5:25 21k 5.2M TXT I Will Choose Christ 4:40 27k 4.5M TXT
I Will Pilot Thee 3:50 21k 3.7M TXT I Will Praise Your Name 4:12 20k 4.0M TXT
I Would Be True 1:48 11k 1.7M TXT I Yearn to Sing *5 2:38 14k 2.5M TXT
If God Is for Us 3:20 21k 3.2M TXT If I Can Help Somebody 2:02 14k 2.0M TXT
If You Hear the Voice of God 2:27 15k 2.3M TXT I'm a Child of the King (R. Merrifield) 2:35 23k 2.5M TXT
Immaculate Mary 3:44 20k 3.6M TXT Immaculate Mary - SATB 2:27 16k 2.4M TXT
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise 2:51 20k 2.7M TXT I'm Your Mother 2:30 8k 3.4M TXT
In Every Age - Psalm 90 3:25 23k 3.2M TXT In Green Shady Pastures *9 1:32 13k 1.5M TXT
In Love We Choose to Live 2:56 21k 2.8M TXT In My Father's Hand 5:28 25k 5.3M TXT
In Remembrance (Buryl Red) 2:28 14k 2.4M TXT In Remembrance (Buryl Red) - SATB 3:17 37k 3.2M TXT
In Remembrance of You 3:21 16k 3.2M TXT In the Cross of Jesus I Glory 1:30 9k 1.5M TXT
In the Day of the Lord 3:49 36k 3.7M TXT In the Garden 2:52 21k 2.8M TXT
In the Last Watch *10 4:17 20k 4.1M TXT In This Place (Tobias Golgan) 2:00 13k 1.9M TXT
In This Place (Trevor Thomson) 5:30 26k 5.3M TXT In This Very Room 2:44 14k 2.6M TXT
In You, Lord, I Have Found My Peace (Psalm 131) 2:21 12k 2.2M TXT In Your Love Remember Me (T. Kendzia) 2:57 23k 2.9M TXT
In Your Love Remember Me (T. Kendzia) - SATB 2:57 27k 2.9M TXT Inang Mahal (Filipino Hymn) 3:35 26k 3.4M TXT
Inang Minamahal (Filipino Hymn) 2:31 19k 2.4M TXT Inay (Filipino - "Mother") 4:25 38k 4.2M TXT
Increase Our Faith (D. Haas) 3:00 24k 2.8M TXT Instruments of Your Peace 6:01 24k 5.8M TXT
Into the Future *7 3:56 26k 3.8M TXT Into the Woods (P. Lutkin) *3 1:43 9k 1.6M TXT
Isaiah 49 2:55 15k 2.8M TXT Isang Pagkain, Isang Katawan, Isang Bayan (Fil.) 4:09 26k 4.0M TXT
It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) 2:46 16k 2.6M TXT It Is Well with My Soul 2:47 10k 2.6M TXT
It Is Well with My Soul - Piano Solo 2:58 8k 2.9M TXT It's Beginning to Rain 4:42 32k 4.5M TXT
It's Me, It's Me O Lord 1:57 26k 1.9M TXT I've Been Through the Valley *8 3:52 36k 3.7M TXT
*1 Original composition by Bob Sorem (written in 1988)
*2 Original composition by Bob Sorem (written in 2008)
*3 Original sequence by my sister Phoebe (I just did a little "touchup")
*4 This is "The Vacant Chair" with my modified lyrics and harmony Lyrics here
*5 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Delbert Evans; Copyright(c) 2009
*6 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2004
*7 Original composition (words and lyrics) by Bob Sorem; Copyright(c) 2012;
(For a niece's wedding)
*8 Original composition and lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2013;
Harmonization by Bob Sorem
*9 Music by Fred Fillmore; These lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2012
*10 Music by Edward Dearle; These lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2014

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