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Old-time MIDI Sequences

[Last Update: 30 December 2017]
Old-time MIDIs These are old-time MIDIs that I have sequenced (polkas, waltzes, and schottisches). The approximate file size and playing time is shown for each. If you have the appropriate browser plug-in, you can just click on the link to play the song.
NOTE: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use. You have my permission to use them in any non-commercial fashion as long as I am credited with the sequence, and in the case of original compositions, credited for that.

If you want to use any of these sequences, please download them rather than linking to them here, as these pages may be reorganized at any time.
Old-time Music MIDIs:
Autumn Rose Laendler (Waltz) 35k, 2:48 The Barbara Polka 18k, 2:01
The California Polka 32k, 2:15 The Champagne Polka 22k, 2:17
The Cherry Polka 44k, 2:03 The Chicago Waltz 16k, 2:19
The Dakota Waltz 23k, 2:39 Halsa Dem Darhemma 14k, 3:14
I Love to Dance Polka 30k, 2:30 Johan Pa Snippen (Schottische) 15k, 1:43
The Julida Polka 21k, 2:21 The Lakeside Waltz 27k, 2:23
Lindenau Polka 35k, 2:18 Luxembourger Waltz 19k, 1:18
The Mariechen Waltz 29k, 2:53 Minnesota Minuet (Waltz) 21k, 2:27
The New Ulm Polka 20k, 1:38 The New Ulm Waltz 38k, 2:22
Nikolina 31k, 2:23 No One Knows (Waltz) 31k, 2:43
The Oriole Waltz 31k, 2:09 The Red Head Polka 41k, 2:05
The Red Raven Waltz 34k, 3:02 Seven-oh-Seven (707) Polka 34k, 1:55
The Ski Waltz 20k, 2:43 The Warren Waltz 17k, 2:00

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